High Capacity Rollovers

Donovan High Capacity RolloverDonovan™ Mold Handling equipment is designed to handle, roll over and close cope, drag or complete molds or flasks. This equipment can hold different molds level regardless of center of gravity. Vulcan Engineering has built capable hydraulic systems that can run continuously without overheating. Self-contained hydraulics ensure low maintenance, trouble-free operation.

Securely hold molds for core setting, venting, cleaning and closing, without loss of position. Eliminate the use of belts and chains by employing the long-wearing gear drive. Systems and equipment are available for use on molds with flasks as well as flaskless (nobake) molds.

This particular Gantry Style Rollover is designed to move over a conveyor to draw the flask package, lift and move the flask to a coating area. Once there, the Rollover will rotate the flask 70 degrees to allow for manual coating of the mold. After coating, the rollover will move the flask to another conveyor and set the flask on a bottom board to transfer to curing. As with any Vulcan product, we can customize this equipment to fit your foundry’s needs.