Increase Safety in Cut-Off Technology

Vulcan Engineering incorporates the latest in advanced safety features while still offering reliable efficient equipment.

Fox Air Float - CuttingThe Fox® Air Float Cut-Off machine is ideal for gate and riser removal on small to medium size castings, or castings on runner bars or trees. It is well suited for processing castings that are too heavy for operators to handle, as the air float feature makes moving large weights almost effortless. Compressed air is used to “lift” the gondola to allow the operator to “float” it around the table, and use the laser guide to align the casting into the proper cutting position. Once in position, a vacuum is used to securely hold it in place during cutting. The saw uses hydraulic down pressure for fast efficient removal of risers and gating.

The saw shown is designed to be installed in its own room; other models are available with full enclosures for installation around other workers Fox® grinding and cutting equipment has proven reliability, and is designed to work effectively in rugged, dirty foundry environments. Precise cutting and efficient processing is only part of the design, to truly enhance this system Vulcan has added several advanced safety features.

  • Rotary Wheel Guard: This machine incorporates a rotating wheel guard. This allows the operator to move, re-align, and change castings safely without having to turn off the motor each time. The wheel guard technology includes sensors that are connected to a safety circuit. When pulling the handle down to start cutting the guard opens, allowing the operator to perform a cut.
  • Operator Safety Door: The operator safety door has a Lexan window with an easily replaceable Plexiglas splatter shield. This allows the operator to be protected from debris while still being able to see the material being cut. The safety door is interlocked with the safety circuit allowing the saw to only be operated when it is closed.
  • Operator Console with Safety Lockout Key: When the operator has to change the cutting wheel, the system must be shut down. To ensure all operations are powered off or de-energized, a safety key is incorporated into both the console and the outer wheel guard. The safety key must be inserted into the dead bolt lock on the wheel guard to allow the guard to be opened to change the wheel. Once the wheel is changed and the guard properly closed, the key can be removed and inserted into the control console allowing the saw to operate again.
  • E-Stop Functionality: There are 3 different E-Stop switches that can be utilized in this system. There are two push-button stops, one on the operator console and the other located on the electrical panel. The third option is an emergency kick switch tied to the E-Stop system for quick, hands free use.

All of the above features, as well as incorporating redundant safety shutoff valves with monitoring, make this one of the safest cut-offs on the market.