Corporate Profile

Vulcan Facilities

The Company

Vulcan Engineering is the largest in-house engineering, manufacturing, and installation group in North America dedicated to the metalcasting and heavy industrial markets. Vulcan has grown by holding to our simple philosophy of serving customers to help them succeed. This basic principle, implemented by Vulcan’s expert team, creates the impetus behind Vulcan’s continuing growth and success.

The People

Vulcan’s superior equipment and engineering techniques come from an engineering, manufacturing, and installation team which includes professional engineers from many disciplines.

More than a dozen project managers give personal attention to each project or equipment order, no matter how small or large. These project managers, along with other engineers and company officers have extensive experience directly in the foundry industry. The approach of providing process knowledge in equipment and systems is a major factor in the success of Vulcan’s customers.

Individual attention from our project managers, coupled with the depth of our staff, and extensive in-house manufacturing capabilities provide project control, on-time deliveries, and fast-track capability.

The Capabilities

The in-house manufacturing capabilities include fabrication, machining and assembly, along with a complete electrical control panel shop. Control systems are designed and built in conjunction with the equipment for better coordination and process understanding. Equipment is normally set up, programmed, and tested prior to shipment for speedy installation and startup. From the past to the present, Vulcan continues to build green sand systems to match many types of molding equipment, from Disamatic® systems to a variety of tight flask systems, including impact molding.

For matchplate molding machines and flaskless cope and drag applications, Vulcan builds a complete range of fully automatic mold handling systems. These systems can also be used for shell molding, investment casting and nobake operations. In addition, numerous mechanized or automated nobake molding and sand reclamation systems have been installed. Vulcan also is the world leader in supplying complete lost foam systems.

Vulcan Engineering offers a total concept approach to engineering, manufacturing and installation. This approach focuses on customer productivity and profitability, in addition to the customer’s desire for one piece of equipment or a complete facility. Toward that end, Vulcan has acquired other equipment companies and moved them into our Alabama facilities, offering improved equipment and more “one source” capability. The following pages confirm our commitment to this total concept approach, and show more of the range of equipment and services available.

Lost Foam