In today’s highly competitive, quickly changing market, it’s not enough to understand the various processes of creating castings and handling foundry sand. To stay competitive, you must understand and properly apply these processes and procedures to maximize production while minimizing scrap.

Vulcan Engineering Co. was founded in Helena, Alabama in 1970 with the purpose to provide quality foundry components. Vulcan has designed, manufactured and installed reliable foundry equipment, systems and complete foundries around the world. For this reason, we offer expertise backed by experience. Our years of experience allow us to offer you our expertise with almost every casting process such as green sand, nobake, lost foam and investment casting. We can also apply our extensive background to your foundry procedure needs such as system automation, casting finishing, mold handling, sand reclamation and patterns and tooling.

Whether you’re operating a small or large foundry or want to start a new foundry, Vulcan Engineering Co. can help you with your equipment, system and total package needs for each process. Allow us to share our experience backed by expertise with you. Learn more about each process below.

The Lost Foam Process Investment Casting The Green Sand Process The Nobake System Casting Finishing
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