Lost Foam

Lost Foam offers design, cost, and environmental advantages such as no cores, core defects, or core fins. Dry unbonded sand is used so there is no moisture or binder related defects. This simple process control allows for lower labor costs, lower capital costs, lower machine tooling damage, and lower energy consumption. Since the Lost Foam process is capable of close dimensional tolerances, the result is more complex shapes, reduced assembly, and improved part performance.

Lost Foam has been successfully applied to alloys of aluminum, gray iron, ductile iron, brass, bronze, and steel. With or without slight variations virtually any alloy can be produced using Lost Foam. Vulcan Engineering has licenses or associations for variations of the basic Lost Foam process such as Replicast CS, Castyral, Polyform, and others.

Vulcan operates a separate facility for training in tooling, foam making, casting, and all phases of the Lost Foam process. This, combined with our exclusive technology packages, can included actual work in a production foundry while developing process parameters for your particular casting. As a result, Vulcan can get you into production faster, and therefore save excessive start-up costs. To learn more about the Lost Foam Process, click here. Download Lost Foam Material

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