Donovan™ Mold Handling

Donovan™ Mold Handling Rollovers are designed to handle, roll over and close cope, drag and complete molds. This equipment can hold different molds level regardless of center of gravity. Mold leveling and positioning can be manual or push-button operated. We have built capable hydraulic systems that can run continuously without overheating. Self-contained hydraulics ensure low maintenance, trouble-free operation.

Units install easily on existing hoist, monorail, jib or bridge crane. Securely hold molds for core setting, venting, cleaning and closing, without loss of position. Eliminate the use of belts and chains by employing the long-wearing gear drive. Systems and equipment are available for use on molds with flasks as well as flaskless (nobake) molds. As with any Vulcan product, we can customize this equipment to fit your foundry’s needs.

Donovan™ Standard Flask Rollovers Donovan™ Telescoping Flask & Flaskless Rollovers Donovan™ Picture Frame Rollovers Barrel Rollovers
Donovan Standard Rollovers Donovan Telescoping Rollovers Donovan Picture Frame Rollovers Barrel Rollovers
High Capacity Rollovers
High Capacity Rollovers