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In today’s highly competitive, quickly changing market, it’s not enough to understand the various processes of creating castings and handling foundry sand. To stay competitive, you must understand and properly apply these processes and procedures to maximize production while minimizing scrap.

Vulcan has designed, manufactured and installed reliable foundry equipment, systems and complete foundries around the world. For this reason, we offer expertise backed by experience. Our years of experience allow us to offer you our expertise with almost every casting process such as green sand, nobake, lost foam and investment casting. We can also apply our extensive background to your foundry procedure needs such as system automation, casting finishing, mold handling, sand reclamation and patterns and tooling.

Vulcan also offers many options of Manipulators and Robots. These machines provide robust solutions for applications that require large payload capacity, efficient movements and increased safety for operators, allowing them to work at safe distances and in controlled environments.

Vulcan’s integration and unique solutions using robots in metal removal applications provides the user with highly efficient cells. In many applications one man can monitor and operate several cells. Robotic solutions provide the user with consistent results, consistent throughput, and provides a safe and environmentally friendly work area.

Not only can Vulcan Engineering Co. provide you with complete systems and equipment, but we can automate common tasks such as mold handling, mold pouring, casting finishing and casting inspection. By automating common tasks and systems within your foundry, several benefits can be achieved.

Whether you’re operating a small or large foundry or want to start a new foundry, Vulcan Engineering Co. can help you with your equipment, system and total package needs for each process. Allow us to share our experience backed by expertise with you.

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