Vulcan Engineering Co. is a fully staffed engineering and manufacturing facility. With all design and engineering performed onsite, we can closely follow your project from conceptual design to final use. For larger projects, we offer full engineering analysis of your foundry. Before the purchase of any equipment, we can fully evaluate your existing process or facility to determine the most efficient method to achieve the final product you require. Engineering studies also offer the ability to research other possible process changes without the loss of production during onsite testing.

Over 30% of our staff is dedicated solely to design and engineering. We can mobilize the skills necessary for meeting your needs.

For our customers this means we not only fabricate the equipment, but we apply that equipment with our engineering experience. In today’s highly competitive foundries, the ability to just supply equipment is not enough. Foundries require experienced application and installation of equipment as well. Vulcan can partner with you from the start, whether you need a single machine, process area upgrades or full foundry modifications.

CAD/CAM Services

Pattern and tooling models are generated using our CAD/CAM systems. Our CAD/CAM systems use Delcam’s Powershape® and Powermill® software. We generate our tool paths for our CNC machines on our CAD/CAM systems as well. Solid models are also used and are generated using Solidworks®.

Vulcan Engineering Co. offers full tooling services. Please contact us for more details and information.


Vulcan Engineering Co. equipment and controls are designed and built in our own plant. We have over 500,000 square feet of office, manufacturing and assembly space on over 50 acres of land. Therefore Vulcan has close control over construction techniques and workmanship.

Vulcan is the only supplier capable of its offering true Fast Track project management. Because Vulcan does all our own engineering (mechanical, electrical, and environmental) internally using our own people, we can closely follow every step of each project we handle. We have a complete manufacturing facility to handle all aspects of construction and assembly, including metal handling, cutting and burning, forming, welding, finishing and painting.

Our own construction crews travel to your site for installation. Therefore, we can control almost all areas for delivery. In addition, we can effectively overlap portions of the project in order to shorten delivery schedules. No other company offers this complete “Fast Track” capability.