Trufoam® Casting Line

The dynamic capabilities of the Trufoam® can be engineered, manufactured and installed to fit your specific requirements. Vulcan Engineering Co. can design a Trufoam® Lost Foam Mold Handling System for your specific needs.

Trufoam® offers flexibility for your Lost Foam system and employs in-line pouring to simplify the pouring monorail, so alignment is easier and faster for the pourer. In-line pouring also increases the production rate and decreases temperature loss and fade.

Trufoam® offers configuration and performance advantages that allow for easier integration into your existing foundry location. The simplicity of the design eliminates the need for extra equipment including hydraulic cylinders, valves, limit switches and electrical controls. Trufoam® provides a simplified design and approach to mold handling. Each system is assembled, piped and tested in our facility to speed start-up. The simple design reduces excessive equipment and provides easier access to components for inspection and maintenance.