Sand Prefill System

Sand Prefill System for applying bed sand to the flask. This enables cluster insertion prior to fill/compact. The prefill system allows more fill/compact time and/or faster cycle time. Also, a Cluster Insertion Station will be provided for the insertion of the assembled cluster into the flask. This allows the preferred orientation of the cluster for the fill/compact cycle, pouring and/or dumping process.

  • Timer controlled hopper with automatic “flood” refill
  • Butterfly valve provides sand cutoff
  • Hopper has integral hooding to control dust
  • Hydraulically operated rain type discharge gate to provide uniform fill depth
  • Unique Vulcan designed, heavy, precision machined gate to provide more uniform fill characteristics
  • Hydraulically operated gate controls sand flow during prefill cycle
  • Sand straightening device to provide more equal filling of flask
  • Rain pattern masking capabilities
  • Automatic variable fill amount, programmable for each product