Casting Equipment

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    Airlock Cluster Insertion System

    This system is capable of automatically loading one foam cluster into the flask at the compaction station for two complete cycles before reloading. The system includes a shuttle table, vertical lift and rotating frame assembly.

  • Automatic Casting Extraction System

    More information on this product will be available soon.

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    Automatic Sand Level Monitoring

    Automatic sand level monitoring is used during fill with a moving probe.

  • Coating Cell for Foam Clusters

    This work cell comprised of two complete coating systems for dipping lost foam patterns in coating. Each system is completely automatic with the exception of loading / unloading clusters to / from the system and the loading of premix tanks.

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    Coating Premix Tank

    The premix tank will be located outside of the robot’s enclosure to provide normal operation, without interruption, during the operator’s loading of the premix tank. When required, the operator selects the desired coating tank, initiates and stops pumping the premix solution to the coating tank. This allows the operator to maintain control of the mixture level in the coating tanks.

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    Coating Tank

    The Coating Tank is a vessel for dipping clusters in coating. Vessel, mixer, heating system, and controls are specifically designed for the lost foam process. The system provides more accurate control of the coating process for repeatability.

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    Dust Collection

    Vulcan will provide estimated air volume rates at required pick-up points to assist the Customer in designing the dust collection system. No dust collection equipment is included with this quotation. Any final designs and calculations will be the sole responsibility of the contractor providing the dust extraction equipment. Hoods and / or pick-up flanges will be provided by Vulcan at the flask fill, screener / classifier and bucket elevator.

  • Sand-Fill Machine

    Flask Fill

    The system will be designed using the most advanced technology currently available for controlling sand fill at the compaction station. The operation of this equipment will be integrated with and controlled by the compaction system’s control.

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    Flow Coating System

    This system is designed for special coating applications in the Lost Foam Process. This unit can be manually operated or used in conjunction with a robot to coat clusters of foam parts, which cannot be submerged or partially submerged.

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    Horizontal-Axis Compaction System

    The Horizontal-Axis Compaction system is a patented vibratory sand compaction system for processing lost foam flasks.

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    Quench Tank

    Quench tank to be located in line with the scalping conveyor (or positioned convenient to an extraction robot) for the quenching of the casting clusters.

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    Sand Prefill System

    Sand Prefill System for applying bed sand to the flask. This enables cluster insertion prior to fill/compact. The prefill system allows more fill/compact time and/or faster cycle time. Also, a Cluster Insertion Station will be provided for the insertion of the assembled cluster into the flask. This allows the preferred orientation of the cluster for the fill/compact cycle, pouring and/or dumping process.

  • Vector-Flo

    VECTOR-FLO™ Standard Lost Foam Compaction System

    VECTOR-FLO™ is Vulcan's patented vibratory sand compaction system for compacting lost foam flasks. The system provides a combination of features, flexibility and programmability not previously available for vibratory sand compaction systems.

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    Vertical-Axis Compaction Unit

    Vertical-axis compaction unit is designed to compact dry, free flowing, lost foam casting sand.