Horizontal-Axis Compaction System

The Horizontal-Axis Compaction system is a patented vibratory sand compaction system for processing lost foam flasks.

  • Horizontal-Axis Compaction Unit* (patented) side clamping compaction system grips the flask from the side using three hydraulic cylinders as rams that act as clamps.
  • Unit is manufactured from a heavy fabricated steel structure and precision machined.
  • Adjustable reaction angle. Variable frequency (rpm)/acceleration (force).
  • Vibrating system with mechanical timing interlocks assures precise alignment of forces at all times.
  • Precision clamping system with pressure switch to ensure that clamp pressure is maintained.
  • Clamped horizontal system minimizes noise.
  • Single standard motor drive system.
  • Eccentric vibratory system with adjustable weights mounted inboard of bearings to eliminate cantilevered forces, which reduce bearing life.
  • Entire drive unit, clamping system and hydraulic system mounted above floor, not under conveyor, for easy access.