Nobake Mold Rollover

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  • Barrel Rollovers

    Barrel style rollovers are designed to manipulate mold halves/molds within a rigid frame fixed to the foundry floor or mounted on rails flush with the floor. These rollovers are custom designed to meet the needs of the individual foundry.

  • Donovan High Capacity Mold Handler

    Donovan™ Mold Handling Equipment is designed to handle large molds or flasks. This Gantry Style Rollover is designed to handle over 30,000lbs (13,500 kg).

  • Donovan Picture Frame Rollover

    Donovan™ Picture Frame Mold Handlers

    Donovan™ Picture Frame Rollovers are designed to handle large, narrow flaskless molds. These Hydraulic-powered mold rollovers are equipped with replaceable tip mold clamping pads and built-in hydraulics that can run continuously without overheating. The clamping pads are designed to clamp the molds along the long end of the mold to create the greatest clamping force without crushing the mold.