Donovan High Capacity Mold Handler

Donovan™ Mold Handling Equipment is designed to handle large molds or flasks. This Gantry Style Rollover is designed to handle over 30,000lbs (13,500 kg).

Capacity Typical Operating Envelope Rotation Angle Hydraulics
31,000 lbs (14,000 kg) Depends on system needs 180 degrees Remote Hydraulic Package
  • Hydraulically operated with a separate hydraulic unit
  • Heavy-duty gantry steel structure
  • Horizontal traveling bridge
  • Rigid fabricated vertical frame for up and down movement
  • Positive clamping for securing and holding the flask in place during travel and rotation
  • Adjustable traveling arms to allow for handling of several flasks sizes.

Other sizes or capacities may be available upon request.

Closer Option: Joystick adjustment for precise alignment of Cope & Drag

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