Barrel Rollovers

Barrel style rollovers are designed to manipulate mold halves/molds within a rigid frame fixed to the foundry floor or mounted on rails flush with the floor. These rollovers are custom designed to meet the needs of the individual foundry.

These units offer two primary advantages over a Crane-hung unit:

  • Adaptable to automated mold handling lines
  • Free up the overhead crane sometimes used for these mold handling functions.

Available Configurations:

  • Rollover Draw
  • Rollover Closer
  • Hydraulic powered Mold Rollovers
  • Handles, rolls over, and closes molds
  • Handles cope, drag, and complete molds
  • Hydraulic cylinder moves suspension point trolley back and forth or at any desired angle.
  • Hydraulic system can be run continuously without overheating. Components are selected for long, trouble-free operation.
  • Long-wearing gear drive

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