Specialized Grinders

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  • Fox Overhead Grinder

    Fox® Overhead Traveling Grinder

    Fox® Overhead Traveling Grinder for spot grinding and ingot clean-up. This system is remotely operated reducing fatigue to the operator. With the primary controls at the operator’s fingertips and his ability to operate the system in a standing position, his fatigue will be significantly reduced when compared with the swing frame setup. The wireless control station is designed for ease of operation, as well as allowing the operator to move along the work piece for close visual inspection of areas being ground and yet be isolated from the machine eliminating transmission of vibration through handlebars. The controls will allow “feathering” of the areas being spot ground.

  • Mid-West Machine™ 3000 Ingot End Grinder

    This specially designed machine can grind billets, blooms, slabs, squares, round cornered squares, octagons or rounds and are readily adapted to automated material handling equipment.

    State of the art solid state controls, automatic travel systems, anti-penciling systems, constant horsepower or constant force and ease of operation with a minimum of down time make Mid-West Machine ™ the logical choice for your conditioning requirements.