Mid-West Machine™ 3000 Ingot End Grinder

This specially designed machine can grind billets, blooms, slabs, squares, round cornered squares, octagons or rounds and are readily adapted to automated material handling equipment.

State of the art solid state controls, automatic travel systems, anti-penciling systems, constant horsepower or constant force and ease of operation with a minimum of down time make Mid-West Machine ™ the logical choice for your conditioning requirements.

  • Gantry for grinder travel across material
  • Grinder equipped with 300 HP (223 kW) for maximum metal removal
  • Grinder equipped with a Live Shaft Spindle for ease of wheel change
  • Rounds Rotator Car consists of multiple-wheel type with split rotator wheels on line shafts, split bearings for ease of maintenance.
  • Cars can be equipped with “Easy Downs” for added safety when cars are loaded with cranes or forklift trucks.
  • Cars are general driven with a two cable system using a high horsepower motor and Vector drive allowing speeds from 4 inches (75mm) per minute to 200 feet (60 m) per minute.
  • Cars can also be axel driven using a vector drive and car mounted gear box where space is restricted.
  • Close proximity, oversize cab, environmentally controlled
  • Complete electrical and hydraulics
  • Fully assembled and tested in Vulcan Engineering Co. facility

Additional Equipment

Rounds Rotator Car

Slab Manipulator Car

Square Billet Manipulator

Download Application Data Sheet for Metal Conditioning

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