Vulcan VertiCooler

Employs unique fluid bed technology to cool Green Sand; utilizing gravity flow, eliminating any vibratory or rotary plow for conveyance of sand.

VertiCooler utilizes true “counterflow” vertical fluidization, providing a compact, highly effective system. The system takes in hot return sand and passes it vertically downward through a fluidizer while the air conterflows upward. Using this technique, the coolest, incoming air from the fluidizing manifold makes contact with the cooler sand at the bottom of the fluid bed. As the air rises through the sand it comes into contact with the hotter moist sand being fed into the system, providing for the highest possible heat transfer efficiency. The use of the “counterflow” technology means the VertiCooler typically uses 2/3 of the fluidizing air of other systems.

  • Utilizes gravity flow, no vibratory or rotary power required
  • Requires less CFM, typically uses 1/3 less due to counterflow design
  • Requires less horsepower than other type coolers, low cost operation
  • Simple water addition provides consistent/homogenous temperature and moisture control
  • No plenum plates to plug-up and no discharge doors to actuate
  • Gravity flow eliminates moving parts, plows, side plates, doors
  • Higher tonnage throughput with less equipment, up to 300 TPH