Fox® Semi-Automatic Compliant Belt Grinder

Developed from Vulcan’s Robotic Grinding compliant technology, the system provides high metal removal rates by applying the correct grinding force throughout the process. Much faster than traditional rise and fall table grinding technology.

  • High Metal removal rates at optimal Grinding pressures
  • Less part heat over conventional methods
  • Quick changing of fixtures
  • Easy step up with minimal or no adjustment necessary
  • Precision regulator to adjust grinding force
  • Complete usage of grinding belt media as the system does not require oscillation
  • Designed for the foundry environment

Cam Rotator

  • Hydraulic rotary actuator for part and cam rotation
  • Cam hub for mounting of part cams
  • Part fixture hub, shaft and bearing blocks for mounting of clamping fixtures
  • Base plate for mounting to fixture table utilizing T-slots

Fixtures for Cam Rotator or Vertical Grinding

Download Belt Grinder Material

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