Fox® Multi-Axis Casting Positioner

The Fox® multi-axis positioners consist of a powered rotary work plate with the ability to integrate clamping depending on the casting type/size and the customers’ needs. Quick-change jaws can be integrated to allow for rapid adjustment to hold a large variety of castings with minimal set-up.

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These positioners also have a pivoting axis for tilting of the casting for better presentation to the operator. The unit will allow a heavy casting to be quickly clamped onto the table and then easily positioned for various processing operations or inspection. Typically, the unit is used with a swing frame cut-off, a swing frame grinder, and/or small hand tools, but can be used with manipulator finishing systems such as the VTS™ as well.

Positioners allow you to position your casting the way you need it to maximize your productivity

  • Grind with any of Fox’s Swing Frame Grinders with metal removal rates five to ten times greater than with hand grinders.
  • Cut with any of Fox’s Swing frame Cut-Off machines
  • Proper positioning during cutting reduces the need for subsequent grinding.
  • Use with any type of hand tool
  • Casting is easily accessible and maneuverable for inspection
  • Eliminates multiple handling operations
  • Reduces work space requirements
  • Increases throughput in your cleaning room
  • Additional clamping option available
  • Easily adjustable and replaceable chin
  • Lock valve secured to the cutting or grinding process of the workpiece