Fox® 30-Inch Variable Speed Grinder – FV-30

This heavy-duty Variable Speed 30 inch Stand Grinder is one of Fox® proven foundry-duty designs.

This heavy-duty Variable Speed 30 inch Stand Grinder is one of Fox® proven foundry-duty designs.

The grinder incorporates Fox® Grinders proprietary BodyGard™ System to protect the operator in case of wheel breakage.

The machines are available in right hand or left hand orientation for efficient cleaning room organization.

The variable speed drive maintains the surface speed (surface feet per minute or SFPM) of the wheel as it wears providing efficient material removal throughout the life of the wheel.

Machine provided with one Desmond-Stephan’s Wheel Dresser for dressing or truing the wheel, Dresser support for ease of truing the wheel without stopping the adjusting work rest.

Four (4) isolation mounting pads are included.


Industry leading Fox Grinder sealed bearing spindle

Wheel Size

30 in x 2 in to 3 in x 12 in (762mm x 50mm to 76mm x 305mm)

Wheel Speed

12,500 SFPM (63 m/s) Standard 9,500 SFPM (50 m/s) On Request



Voltages Available

380, 480, 575 in either 50 or 60Hz


Right-hand or Left-hand orientation available

Additional Info

CE Marked where available

  • Easily adjustable work rest
  • Designed for severe duty environment
  • High Visibility BodyGard™ Safety device, for increased work protection
  • The motor is mounted on a pivot mechanism for easy adjustment of speed and resists sticking during adjustment
  • Infinitely variable speed drive
  • Sealed spindle and bearings
  • High strength alloy steel shaft
  • Acme threaded shaft to resist sticking caused by dirt
  • Front-mounted speed adjustment hand wheel
  • Four-way manually adjustable work rest
  • Truing plate allows truing of the wheel without stopping the machine and adjusting work rest

Electrical Package
Provided with a bolt attached to a rigid frame grinder spindle mounted in a convenient operation above. Including pre-wired control transformer, starter and buttons, and the starter motor from the wiring between the control wiring.

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