Fox® 316-42 Single-End Belt Grinder

Fox® 316-42 Single-End Abrasive Belt Grinder is a single end coated abrasive belt back stand grinder.

Equipped with a heavy-duty welded rigid frame with single base-plate design, single speed v-belt drive, and manually adjustable work rest. Also, tracking and tension knobs within reach of the operator. The back-stand tensioner is equipped with air tensioning providing constant tensioning as the belt stretches and to minimize belt change time.

Belt Size

3 in or 4 in wide x 132 in long (76mm or 101mm wide x 3352mm long)

Belt Speed

8,500 SFPM (43 m/s)


15 HP

Contact Wheel

Size: 16 in Diameter x 3 in or 4 in wide (406mm Diameter x 76mm or 101mm wide) Serration: Serrated 90 durometer rubber, 1 land x 3 groove ratio.

  • Easily adjustable work rest
  • Designed for severe duty environments
  • Fixed Spindle Speed
  • Spindle and bearings are sealed
  • High strength alloy steel shaft
  • Acme threaded shaft to resist sticking caused by dirt

Electrical Package
Supplied with bolt on mounting to grinder frame for rigid mounting above the spindle convenient to the operator. Pre-wiring includes control wiring between control transformer, starter and push button, and wiring from starter to motor.

Download Belt Grinder Material