Foam Molding Machine MPV 80/60

Foam Molding Machine MPV 80/60 is used for producing foam replicas from pre-expanded polystyrene beads. This equipment is specifically designed for the lost foam process.

  • Horizontal operation (vertical parting line)
  • Standard Styrologic steam chest system; chest design allows for positive and quick tooling change
  • Tool flange faces are stainless steel
  • Adjustable, 2-speed, pressure compensated hydraulic system.
  • Four over-sized guide bars, containing expansion compensation bearings, provide quick motion, even load, plate to plate squareness with powerful locking forces
  • Pressure bead fill system with a fine tune regulator for producing thin wall patterns; and connections for attaching fill guns.
  • Even heat transfers to both tool faces controlled by independent steam valves
  • PLC controls for machine functions. All process steps are freely programmed and continuously indicated on panel mounted touch screen operator interface
  • Fixed and moving chests have adjustable water dosing system providing efficient atomization of a small quantity of water
  • High power vacuum system containing liquid ring pump and accumulator designed for rapid evacuation of steam chests and stabilization of foam pressure along with minimizing foam moisture content.
  • Integrated demolding foam part removal system to provide safe and damage free handling of foam patterns