Investment Casting System Engineering

Vulcan Engineering can design and build complete Investment Casting facilities from the ground up, as well as offer installation, additions, and upgrades to existing systems. Our team working closely with your team will analyze your needs to provide the best solutions available.

Vulcan can provide complete system and project management. We can coordinate a team of engineers and staff to schedule projects, report progress, coordinate purchasing and manufacturing of equipment and materials, installation, safety, field inspections, start-up services and much more.

We also offer several options in robotics and automation to help provide safer and more efficient foundries. Below is a list of services and equipment offered by Vulcan Engineering Co.

Engineering Services

Concept and Preliminary Engineering

Do you need to decide if a new foundry or a modification to an existing foundry can be justified? Vulcan can provide you the engineering services to assist in the development and justification of any project. We provide several levels of engineering based on the stage of your project.

Level I: Analysis of your project requirements to determine a process flow, the correct melting method, molding system, sand system requirements as well as the other supporting areas of the foundry from the core room through final finishing and shipment of castings. A Concept General Arrangement drawing, a top level budget and supporting documents is provided. This level of engineering provides information to assist in the projects justification and is in a format for a board presentation.

Level II: Once the justification to proceed is granted from the Level I engineering, the concepts from the level I study are used as the basis to develop an accurate layout out. A level II package will include a detailed plan view, with key elevation drawings, a detailed implementation schedule, and firm equipment pricing. A realistic budget for installation is also included. After the final submission of this package, implementation of the project can begin.

Project Management Services

  • Engineering & Design
  • Purchasing
  • Sizing
  • Equipment Integration
  • Installation

Investment Casting Equipment

  • Computer Shell Tracking & Management Systems
  • Robotic Shell Coating
  • Engineered Drying Rooms
  • Slurry Tanks
  • Fluid-Bed Tanks
  • Programmable Robotic Shell Handling Systems
  • Automated Casting Handling Systems

  • Sand System Equipment
    • Barrel Sanders
    • Fluidized Bed Sanders
    • Rainfall Sanders
  • Cleaning Room Equipment
    • Grinders
    • Cut-Off Machines
    • Automated Casting Finishing Cells
    • Casting Positioners
  • Additional Equipment
    • Platforms
    • Support Steel
    • Many other special designed and engineered equipment