VTS™ – Floor Mounted Model

Leading edge manipulator/robotic technology, the VTS™ (Vulcan Tactile System) is a telemanipulator using an Industrial Robot. This machine provides 3 modes of operation – Manual, Semi-Automatic, Fully Automatic.

The use of our specialized hand control system allows the operator to manually control the robot, not just program it. This allows the operator to move the robot simultaneously with his movements for a true “hands on” experience.

This technology no longer requires pre-programming of the Robot to perform tasks. A library of motions is available, that is accessible by the operator, to make complex movements simple such as angular planes, radiuses, etc.

Basic Configurations
  • Floor Mounted
  • Gantry Mounted
  • Track Mounted
Operation Modes Provides 3 modes of Operation for the versatility to select the most productive method of operation for the task at hand.

  • Manual
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Fully Automatic
Operator Cab
  • Impact Resistant Shield
  • Joy Stick control to orient tool
  • Tactile Force Feedback Controller
  • HMI Touch Screen
  • Cushioned Seat with armrests
  • Interior Cab lighting
  • Robot capacity to fit application
  • Robot has 6 axis of movement
  • Force sensor with 3 degrees of force measurement mounted at the robot
  • Force Sensor provides true measurement of force providing feeback and direction of actual force being generated
  • Use the latest PLC, HMI and Industrial Computer control
  • Complete diagnostics and alarms on the HMI screen
  • Scalable Tactile hand control enables the operator to move large distances or very small precise distances on demand
  • Operator Selectable force feedback adjustments
  • Floor, Gantry, or Track Mounting
  • Standard Configured Industrial Robot
  • Operator Cab with Impact Resistant Shield
  • HMI Touch Screen Controls
  • Tactile Force Feedback Controller
  • Eliminates/Reduces Fixturing
  • No peripheral manipulating equipment needed
  • Precise Controllability prevents over-grinding
  • Grind and Cut matching any surface orientation

Changeable Spindles

  • Grinding Spindles
  • Cutting Spindles

Mount Types

  • Gantry Crane Mounting Structure
  • Floor Mounted
  • Track Mounting Structure

Additional Options

  • Turntables for full automatic control
  • Camera system for monitoring area around the machine
  • Exterior lights mounted to top of cab

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