Shell Drying Stations

Vulcan can specifically design drying stations to fit your application and facility.

The convection oven can be used for different applications such as drying, preheating or curing. The Convection Oven distributes hot air by direct or indirect fired design throughout the oven enclosure through a series of duct-work.

High temperature supply and exhaust fan circulate the heated air for maximum uniformity. Made from structural steel frame and aluminized panel skin over-stuffed with fiberglass insulation, the oven is constructed for minimal heat loss and maximum energy utilization.

  • Designed specifically for your application and facility requirements.
  • Structural steel frame designed to support conveyor and product load.
  • Aluminized panel skin and four sided duct-work.
  • High temperature supply and exhaust fans with isolated bearings for long life and low maintenance.
  • Fuel efficient IRI and FM approved gas heating
  • Digital electronic controls for simplified setup
  • Forward curved-blade, balanced fans for quiet operation
  • Over-stuffed fiberglass insulted panels to reduce settling and prevent wasteful heat transfer
  • UL listed control panels
  • Spot welded, tongue and groove panel construction
  • All panel seams caulked with high temperature oven caulking
  • Duct-work designed for maximum air and heat uniformity
  • Insulated panel flooring
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Steam, electric or infrared heat
  • Installation by factory-trained technicians
  • Outdoor installation configuration
  • Enclosed track, I-beam or power and free conveyor