Mid-West Machine™ 6040S Stationary Grinder

Mid-West Machine™ 6040S Stationary Grinder is designed to work effectively in rugged, dirty environments. This machine is designed for maximum up time with the highest quality components and innovative designs that are assembled and arranged for easy service. This machine's primary purpose is for conditioning titanium round-cornered squares. The system includes a basic stationary grinder, complete with electricals and hydraulics.

Cars available:

  • Billet clamping, manipulator for sides and corners
  • Slab clamping, horizontal and vertical for edge grinding
  • Rounds rotator for spiral grinding, longitudinal and spot grinding

Cable Drive systems for above cars:

  • Utilizing vector drive for speeds of 1 inch/minute up to 200 feet/minute
  • Hardened cable drum with two cable connections to car

Download 6040S MaterialDownload Application Data Sheet for Metal Conditioning