Foxall® 424FS Finishing Cell

Our experience and expertise in providing robotic solutions for casting cut-off and finishing enables the Foxall® Automated Casting Finishing Cells to provide fast, reliable, consistent product finishing.

The cell system HMI interface can log and store useful production data, e.g. part numbers, quantities produced, and wheel changes. These can be accessed via the company network system if required. For use with all materials. Has a large envelop, viewports for easy visual inspection, full 6-axis flexibility, 90 degree part fixture rotator for complete access, and optional high speed turntable for high part throughput.

The success of the Foxall® design is due to the adaptable robust design using only proven technology. The core component of the Foxall® is a Foundry Protection package Robot. The robot gives maximum accessibility to the casting, with precise control giving a consistent quality finished product. Process consistency provides significant reduction in scrap rates.

The robot is equipped with the latest in spindle technology with HSK tool change giving total control over cutting tool speeds and feeds and enabling the user to accurately monitor cutting tool life and performance. The Foxall® is not, as with other finishing machinery, limited to one or two tools. The unit can be equipped with a tool rack and active tool change. These tools are then selected within the robot program giving the Foxall® the ability to multi-process. The rack can be fitted out with super abrasive wheels and burrs, standard abrasives and cut-off blades in any combination.

**Features and options subject to change without notice**

Work Cell Dimensions

176 in x 82 in x 100 in (4470 mm x 2085 mm x 2540 mm)

Working Envelope

24in x 15in (610 mm x 380mm)

Part Weight Capacity

100 lbs (45 kg)

Part Materials

Ferrous & Non-ferrous


20 HP (15 kW)


Grinding Tools: Super abrasive (standard) or bonded abrasive media. Cutting Tools: Super abrasive, reinforced abrasive, carbide blades/cutters.

Tool Changing

Manual – comes standard, Automatic (HSK) – optional

Degree of Protection

Robot – Foundry IP67, Panel – IP54

Part Fixturing

Flexible fixture plate on +/- 90 degree rotary indexer with center clamping

  • Updated Control Features (click for more info)
  • Repeatability
  • Accuracy
  • Flexibility
  • Rapid Material Removal Rates
  • Minimal Waste
  • Small or Large Runs
  • Quick-change Part Fixtures
  • Fixtures Recognition
  • Maximized Media Usage
  • Reduced Work in Progress
  • Two-position rotary turntable

Tool Changing
Tool Changing is manual with standard models. Optional Automatic (HSK) tool changing is available.

Rotary Load/Unload
Two-position turntable with dual rotary part fixture indexers come standard. Optional fixturing may be available depending on parts, sizes, materials, etc.

Offline Programming
Digitizer with TRU-TEACH™ Software.
Off line programming using 3D models.

Quick adjustment of grinding paths on HMI screen.

Download Foxall Material

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