Fox® Remelt Ingot Processing System

The Fox® Remelt Ingot Processing System is an automated start-to-finish ingot processing system that can be tailored to accommodate many different configurations of equipment stations.

  • Ingot Press Load Station
  • Fox® Ingot Press
  • Mold Outfeed Table
  • Powered Transfer Conveyors
  • Operator Control Stations
  • Cut-Off Saw
  • OD Grinding System
  • Inspection Conveyor with Lift and Rotator Assembly and Dust Collection Hood
  • Marking Station
  • Ingot Unload Station
  • Hydraulic System

End Grinder System

  • End Grinder System
  • Disc wheel grinder
  • Powered 2-axis base
  • Operator’s station and control panel for automatic and manual control of equipment

Transfer Conveyor with Weigh Scales

  • Suitable for insertion into system at customer desired locations

Download FOX Remelt Ingot Processing System Material

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