Fox® #4 Dead Shaft Swing Frame Grinder

The Dead Shaft High Speed Swing Frame Grinder is rugged, heavy-duty, high speed grinder with full lateral movement for use in foundries and steel mills. The Fox #4 is a high speed, dead shaft grinder with full lateral movement and is ideal for grinding castings, billets, ingots, and forgings.

  • Designed for severe-duty environments
  • Dead-man switch and electrical controls mounted on machines for operator safety
  • Fixed Spindle Speed
  • Spindle and bearings are sealed
  • High strength alloy steel shaft
  • Acme threaded wheel nut and housing to resist sticking caused by dirt on Dead Shaft models
  • The motor is mounted on a pivot mechanism for ease of belt tension
  • Electrical Package included

Lead Head System
The Lead Head is a pneumatically controlled system that enables the operator to apply weight over the grinding wheel.

This system includes the lead head air cylinder, weight and weight tube complete as an assembly including: a directional valve that shifts the weight, the block valve for mounting on the handlebars to actuate the cylinder, a filter-lubricator, fittings and hose and a lead head style hanger.

Download Swing Frame Grinder Material