Fox® 4-C Swing Frame Cut-Off Machine

The Fox® 4-C Swing Frame Cut-Off Machine is the best combination of horsepower, size and weight. These machines are fast and economical means for removing gates and risers from castings. The swing frame design allows a full 90° swing clockwise and 75° swing counterclockwise.

  • Sealed for life Fox® spindle
  • Shaft is made of high strength alloy steel
  • Threads on shaft are acme threads providing resistance to dirt buildup and they are less prone to damage as compared to standard “V” threads.
  • Fox® exclusive hanger system allowing ease of movement when aligning or cutting
  • Each machine is individually balanced
  • Fox® exclusive belt changing system for use with the two speed drive.
  • Pulley centers are the same for each step of the two speed drive, no belt adjustment is required.
  • Motor is mounted using a cam arrangement; belts can be loosened or tightened in just a few seconds.
  • Electrical Package included

Depressed Center Wheel
Machine is available to accept 24in type 27 Depressed Wheels for closer cutting along large surfaces.

Download Swing Frame Cut-Off Material