Fox® 2-C Swing Frame Cut-Off Machine

Fox® 2-C Swing Frame Cut-Off Machine is designed for cutting heavy cross sections and are a fast and economical means for removing gates and risers from castings. The swing frame design allows a full 90° swing clockwise and 75° swing counterclockwise.

Fox® swing frame cut-off machines are a fast and economical way to remove gates and risers from castings or to separate castings tied together with runner systems. When gates or risers are on flat surfaces cuts can be made very close to the casting eliminating the need for additional grinding.

The units should be suspended from a bridge crane or jib crane arranged for easy movement in/out or left right. With the unit suspended on a chain hoist the machine can be pivoted on the chain to achieve cutting at a particular angle.

The saw also has adjustment for rotating the wheel (as viewed by the operator) up to 90 degrees allowing horizontal cuts as well as any angle between horizontal and vertical.

The handle bars are adjustable for length and angle for ease of use.

The two speed drive allows the wheel speed to be recovered when the wheel is partially worn. Starting speed is 14,200 Surface Feet Per Minute (SFPM), using the two speed adjustment the average wheel speed is approximately 12,500 SFPM, providing higher efficiency.

Wheel Size

30 in x 1/4 in x 1-3/4 in (762mm x 6mm x 44mm)

Wheel Speed

14,200 SFPM (72 m/s)


30 HP (22 kws)


Two-speed Pulley


1,130 lbs (513 kgs)


110 in (2,794 mm)

  • Sealed for life Fox® spindle
  • Shaft is made of high strength alloy steel
  • Threads on shaft are acme threads providing resistance to dirt buildup and they are less prone to damage as compared to standard “V” threads.
  • Fox® exclusive hanger system allowing ease of movement when aligning or cutting
  • Each machine is individually balanced
  • Fox® exclusive belt changing system for use with the two speed drive.
  • Pulley centers are the same for each step of the two speed drive, no belt adjustment is required.
  • Motor is mounted using a cam arrangement; belts can be loosened or tightened in just a few seconds.
  • Electrical Package included

Depressed Center Wheel
Machine is available to accept 30in type 27 Depressed Wheels for closer cutting along large surfaces.

Download Swing Frame Cut-Off Material

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