Foam Replica Assembly Machine IL 3030

The Foam Replica Machine IL 3030 is designed to rapidly and accurately glue foam assemblies for Lost Foam castings together. Because of its unique design, the machine allows maximum productivity by allowing the operator to unload assembled patterns and load loose segments while the machine is in the process of completing assemblies. This capability ensures that overall machine utilization is optimized.

  • Production-duty machine with platens, carriage, and stainless steel glue tank mounted on a heavy-duty frame
  • High productivity design – Dual unload/load stations allow increased efficiency for machine and operators. The machine’s process time is uninhibited by the operator’s unload/load sequence. Likewise, the operator’s unload/load sequence may be performed uninhibited by machine’s cycle.
  • Fast, accurate, and repeatable motions using servo driven carriage and platen movements – Coordinated and optimized motion profiles are used to minimize cycle times and maximize machine performance.
  • Multiple light curtain protection screens for fail-safe operator protection
  • Stationary glue platen with a glue tank raise/lower mechanism for enhanced glue print accuracy