Foam Replica Assembly Machine 4228 MKI

The Foam Replica Machine 4228 MKI is designed for bonding foam sections of replicas together with hot melt glue.

The Foam Replica Machine 4228 MKI is designed for bonding foam sections of replicas together with hot melt glue.

Platen Size

28 in W x 42 in D (711 mm x 1,067 mm)

Lower Platen Stroke

8 in (203 mm)

Glue Platen Stroke

11.5 in (292 mm)

Max Loading for Platen

350 lbs (160 kg)

Carriage Travel

33.5 in (851 mm)

  • Unitized heavy-duty machine with platens, carriage and stainless steel glue tank mounted on heavy-duty frame
  • Fully automatic control of all machine motions for repeatability and high production rates with Vulcan installed PLC software
  • Adjustable glue print platen dwell for draining and glue deposit timing and speed control
  • Main electrical panel is mounted to frame at rear of glue machine serving as the central electrical control unit by providing the electrical power to motors and other machine components and housing the PLC and other necessary electrical hardware
  • Operator control panel located adjacent to and in front of glue machine informs operator of machine status via pilot lights while allowing operator manual control of machine functions using buttons and / or selector switches
  • Glue tank is constructed of stainless steel and along with being highly insulated, contains mixers to circulate the glue to maintain even glue temperature throughout tank
  • Glue tank is encased with foil backed mineral wool insulation covered with an aluminized steel skin
  • Glue tank contains a heated drainage duct to promote drainage of glue for cleaning tank
  • Hot oil heating elements are close coupled to glue tank to reduce energy losses and are used to heat special thermal transfer oil to desired temperature and circulate it through the glue tank’s double wall enclosure for optimum glue temperature control
  • Special PID loop developed by Vulcan for optimum glue temperature control and prevention of overheating
  • Stand alone hydraulic power unit with valve manifold mounted on rear of machine provides hydraulic fluid for carriage, upper platen, lower platen and glue printer platen movement
  • The upper platen rotates up to 90° to make loading and unloading easier
  • Hydraulic proportional control on carriage movement provides fast, smooth motion while maintaining positional accuracy and short glue joint open time
  • Pneumatic system consisting of filter, regulator unit and five PLC program controlled valves for mechanical or vacuum pattern retention systems along with ejection air
    Note: Source of air or vacuum provided by Customer.
  • Upper and lower platens have pre-drilled and threaded holes for tooling/fixture mounting
  • Glue printer platen also has tapped holes for universal mounting of printer plates
  • All platens are rough machined, stress relieved, then finish machined and ground to precision tolerances
  • Each platen has individual level adjustments for fine tuning and machine setup
  • Machine design allows open access to glue printer for adjustment from rear of machine after removal of the safety guard
  • Machine safety systems include bolt on guarding, emergency stop buttons and infrared light screens
  • Siemens S7-400 PLC with plain language interface for positioning and glue temperature information via a color touch screen operator interface