Chatter Gate Bin Activator

Vulcan Engineering's Chatter Gates for sand hoppers enhances your overall mold production and helps you increase mold production. The superior design and manufacture makes the Chatter Gate rugged, efficient and dependable.

Vulcan Engineering’s Chatter Gate for sand hoppers streamlines your overall mold production, helps you increase mold capacity! Superior design and manufacture makes the Chatter Gate rugged, efficient, and dependable. It features noise reduction for your foundry with noise suppressor bumpers as standard equipment. Maintain top mold productivity with the unique Vulcan Chatter Gate.

• Sand flows freely
• No vibrators needed on hopper
• Greatly reduces sand bridging or packing
• Sand can be metered as desired
• Low noise Level


Sizes range from 14in x 14in to 24in x 26in


Ranges from 310 lbs to 517 lbs

• Self-cleaning anti-clog design
• Vibrating action prevents build-up

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