Bucket Elevators

Vulcan Engineering makes a wide range of Centrifugal Discharge Bucket Elevators to vertically convey hot and cool material.

All of our bucket elevators are constructed for heavy-duty, foundry grade service. Every unit is engineered to fit each application. Standard casing sizes are also available. The tail pulley is easily accessible from either side of the elevator. Split hoods provide complete access to the head pulley and shaft. Each unit includes dust collection ports located as collection requirements and space limitations allow.

Vulcan’ Bucket Elevators can be made with standard and drop bottom casings. All Vulcan Bucket Elevators Casings are made with heavy plate steel for long lasting service. Buckets are made from wear resistance urethane or cast iron depending on temperature of the sand. Our design spaces digger buckets at regular intervals to help loosen packed sand at the bottom of the casing.

Vulcan Engineering Co. can supply a heavy-duty bucket elevator for your specific needs. Please contact us for more details and information.

Height Range

Varies up to over 100 ft depending foundry system

Casings Size

12in x 28in to 48in x 90in
(305 x 711mm to 1,219 x 2,286mm)

Bucket Sizes

Varies with casing size

Design Capacity

15 TPH to 675 TPH


2Ply @ 250 F to 4Ply @ 400F
*sizes vary with casing size

Head Pulley

Varies in diameter. All with 3/8in Herringbone lagging.

Tail Pulley

Self-cleaning Wing Design

  • Take-up with special housing seals to reduce sand leakage
  • Foundry service bearings with heavy-duty seals designed to reduce sand intrusion
  • Access doors on boot section for maintenance or clean out
  • Access doors with cam action release for full access to tail pulley from two sides
  • Inspection panels on both sides of the discharge chute
  • Heavy-duty self-cleaning, wing type tail pulley
  • Head section and boot section constructed of heavy steel
  • Shop assembled to assure that the elevator can be easily plumbed in the field and the belt trained to eliminate rubbing against the inside of the casing

Maintenance Platform
Maintenance platform at the top of bucket elevators (varies with casing size) with caged access ladder.

Magnetic Drum Discharge Chute
Magnetic Drum Discharge Chute to remove metallic material from Sand.