Bead Pre-Expander Pro-A 1000

StyroLogic Pre-Expanders allow for purchased raw polymer beads to be expanded using steam to achieve a controlled low density. These low density beads are then used in pattern production for lost foam replicas.

*This product is only available as part of a system

StyroLogic Bead Pre-Expander Pro-A 1000 is specially designed for the pre-expansion of polymer beads for use in pattern production for lost foam replicas.

*This product is only available as part of a system

Expansion Chamber

15-3/4 in x 39-3/8 in (400mm x 1000mm)

Max Supply Steam Pressure

50.76 PSI (3.5 bar)

Max Process Steam Pressure

8.7 PSI (0.6 bar)

Max Process Steam Temperature

237 °F (114 °C)

Max Steam Supply Temperature

298 °F (148 °C)

  • Fully automatic pressure batch type process operation. Automatic dosing of raw material.
  • Expander design provides efficient operation for EPS, PMMA and most copolymers.
  • High throughput yielding more processed beads per pre-expander, providing lower operating and capital cost.
  • Vacuum conveyance of raw material to upper storage hopper.
  • Stainless steel raw material storage and weighing hoppers.
  • Transparent raw material dosing funnel allows visual inspection of material flow.
  • Transparent expansion chamber enables visual monitoring of the material expansion.
  • Variable speed, stainless steel agitator stirrer with Teflon wipers insures delicate bead treatment while in the expansion chamber.
  • Live steam, controlled by a pneumatic proportional slide valve using an I/P positioner for remote control via the HMI, is introduced into expansion chamber through vent plates in bottom door. Direct steam contact on raw material provides uniform expansion of beads.
  • Purge valve on expansion chamber allows continuous cross flow of steam through raw material for more uniform temperature throughout the expansion chamber.
  • Photoelectric eye senses pre-expanded bead level in chamber which stops the expansion process at a known volume to assure precise density control.
  • Quick evacuation of expanded beads through fully open expansion chamber bottom.
  • Fluidizing bead drying bed allows precision cooling and stabilizing of expanded beads.
  • Manually adjusted weir at discharge end of drying bed allows infinite adjustment of bead residence time according to required moisture content and output volume.
  • Screen type bead de-lumping system.
  • Blower and enture vacuum transport system provides gentle conveyance of fresh beads to local storage site.
  • Programmable logic controller containing fully functional integrated software for machine control allowing operator easy and simple adjustment of all process timers.
  • All process variables are entered via an operator interface.
  • Optional pre-expanded bead density monitoring system.