Bead Density Monitoring

Bead Density Monitoring equipment is used for continuously checking and recording the bulk density of the pre-expanded beads produced by the Vulcan pre-expander.

  • Simple and quick installation requiring only two flexible hoses to be connected to the pre-expanded bead transport system.
  • A gentle vacuum system automatically draws from the bead transport system after beads exit the drying bed and continuously sends them to the weighing unit.
  • Pre-expanded beads are automatically conveyed into a container with a precisely predetermined volume suspended on a precision load cell.
  • The continuously weighed beads are automatically sent back to the bead transport system.
  • Provides pre-expander and pre-expanded bead data acquisition with the ability to view the information in real time or review at a later time.
  • Enables the pre-expansion process to be made more transparent and documentable.
  • The unit provides all required pre-expanded bead data such as actual density, average density, deviation, date and time.
  • System uses PLC from Pre-Expander