Barrel Sander

Barrel Sander is designed to fit your investment casting system and facility needs.

The Barrel Sander is designed to ensure even rainfall of sand. Vulcan can completely engineer, manufacture, and install shell/foam project or upgrade existing one. Inventory control and real-time shell/foam management appear simple with Vulcan’s state-of-the-art electronic shell/foam management system.

  • Units are available in standard sized models 36, 48, 60, and 72
  • Units can be custom designed to fit system needs
  • Rigid base stand elevates the unit up to 4ft (1,219mm) from floor level
  • TEFC motors are standard
  • Barrel is fabricated in mild steel, optional stainless steel construction available
  • Direct drive and nylon rollers provide high torque and smooth acceleration
  • Adjustable rollers provide easy maintenance
  • Variable speed drive for soft start and controlled flow
  • Includes rear-center dust collection connection
  • Mild Steel construction with prime coat and enamel finish
  • Diffuser screen ensures even rainfall