Fox® Air Float Cut-Off Machine 6PMC-AF

The Fox® Air Float Cut-Off machine is ideal for gate and riser removal on small to medium size castings, or castings on runner bars or trees. The system excels at cutting castings produced in small to medium runs, because fixtures are easy to change. The machine also is well suited for cutting off castings that are too heavy for operators to handle, as the air float feature makes moving several hundred pounds almost effortless.

Machine Features

  • Accurately balanced for ease of use
  • Heavy-duty spindle – Proven Fox®
  • Table is heavy-duty construction and Blanchard ground
  • The table can be turned over if worn or damaged, or completely replaced
  • Backbone of machine is heavy-duty weldment
  • Motor is mounted on a hinge for ease of belt adjustment
  • Pivoting motion of motor resists dirt build up in the hinge
  • Quick and easy cut alignment with a low powered mounted laser
  • Pneumatic/Vacuum system is used with the gondola to easily move and secure castings
  • Foot operated floation pedal to keep hands free for gondola alignment

Safety Features

  • Rotating Wheel Guard that opens the guard only when cutting
  • Saftey Shutoff Valves with monitoring
  • Operator Safety Door with Lexan glass and replaceable splatter shield
  • Safety Door Lock connected to the Wheel Guard sensors so that the door cannot be opened while the cutting wheel is exposed
  • Operator Console with Safety Lockout Key for Wheel change operations
  • Wheel Guard Safety Lockout Deadbolt for wheel change operations
  • E-Stop Functionality with 2 push button switches and an emergency kick switch

Machine enclosures can be engineered to fit your needs depending on various applications. Right and left sides can have hinged steel doors for easy access to the cut-off machine, generally for maintenance. Top of enclosure will have a standard flanged round connection for dust extraction.

Clamping System & Fixturing
Manual clamping or hydraulically actuated clamping is available. Customer designed fixtures are used to securely nest castings. Where practical and available, replaceable stops/rests will be incorporated into the tooling design.

Elevating Table
Optional hydraulically operated elevating table. Sizes such as table area and minimum/maximum adjustable height vary depending on application.

Table Extensions
Optional extensions to the heavy-duty, Blanchard ground table are available depending on application, size, and other system needs.

Download Air Float Cut-Off Material

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