Action® 2000 KG Robot Model 1860

Severe Duty Robot for Material Handling applications. Used in Investment Casting shell dipping cells and other automated applications.

Action® Robots feature highly responsive controls that are extremely easy to use. They are designed for hostile environments such as high temperature and extreme dust.

The Model 1860 can easily handle loads up 4,400 lb (2000 kg) in a production environment. With available options the machine is very easy to configure for users the application. Attachments and controls available to enable the machine to run efficiently at very high production rates.

Capacity 2000 kg (4,400 lbs) maximum lift capacity
Hydraulic System
  • All hydraulic valves mounted on the rear of machine for easy maintenance, Closed center, constant pressure type system for fast response and extended service
  • Plumbing and tubing engineered, “not shop built”, for proper routing resulting in long life, less contections(less chance to leaks) and reduced twisting through joints reducing the likelihood of leaks. Properly designed hydraulic systems have less chance of dirt ingress which provides greater life of components.
Base Group
  • Adjustable swing stops to allow for easy maintenance.
  • All structure component s machined for proper alignment of mating components.
  • Heavy structures and weldments for minimum deflection, allowing for higher acceleration and longer life of bearings and related components
  • Precision machined and drilled surfaces for proper alignment of standard interchangeable parts
  • High capacity shear ball turntable bearing
  • High torque, high efficiency, low speed hydraulic motor with direct pinion drive for boom swing—no backlash-prone gearbox
Boom Group
  • Finite Element Analysis used to check designs of booms and pins joints.
  • Deep-section booms and linkage, designed with no interference points, provide maximum unit strength, minimum deflection and minimum stress.
  • Parallel boom linkage allows wrist angle to be set and maintained independent of boom position.
  • Induction-hardened, chrome plated pins maximize life of pivot joints and minimize joint maintenance.
  • Sealed bearing joints block contaminants and extend life of pins and bearings.
  • Mechanical boom lock-up joint enables booms to be manually secured for inspection or maintenance.
Actuator Group
  • Custom designed and manufactured hydraulic cylinders feature longer life and greater performance over commercially available cylinders.
    1. – Low-friction rider ring seals for precise movement and positioning
      – Increased bearing area for piston and rod support
      – Thick wall, barrel-welded construction
  • Oversized fastener between rod eye and rod, for ease of assembly and reliable tightness
  • Self-aligning bearings on both ends of actuators to accommodate side or torsion loading
  • Heavy duty welded flanges and bolted heads for ease of maintenance and durability
  • Induction hardened cylinder rods for scratch/chip resistance and maximum rod seal life
  • Pilot pressure lock valves mounted directly to the load-carrying actuators. In the event of a damaged hose, fitting, control valve, or loss of pump pressure, the actuators lock into a secure position.
  • Cylinders designed to bottom out before any booms or linkage providing less stress in components and longer life.
Control System
  • Industrial PC based user interface with color touch screen and alphanumeric-touch-pad
  • Program and parameter backup to hard disk
  • RAID Level 1 hard disk controller with dual hard drives. In the event of a failure of one hard-drive the system will continue to function until the failed hard drive can be replaced. Upon replacement of failed hard drive the data from the remaining drive will be automatically mirrored to the new hard drive.
  • Virtually unlimited procedures, program lines and teach points available.
  • Text based teach pendant with “Liveman” and “E-stop” buttons.
  • Inter connect cable – 50 ft
  • Uninterruptible power supply to computer
  • 24 Digital Outputs (24V Current Sourcing) and 24 Digital Inputs (24V Current Sinking) Standard
  • Password Protected
  • Motion Controller
    1. – The Motion Controller is specifically designed for control of hydraulic systems.
      – 5 coordinated axes of motion
      – Specifically developed software for Investment Casting Dipping, including the ability to change the hook axis from a spin function to a position axis for controlled draining of parts.
      – Position feedback assemblies “Temposonic” magnestrictive units on lift and extend with Encoders on swing and spin.
  • Designed specifically for the application
  • Variable grip force to protect damaging casting
Hydraulic Power Unit
  • Self-contained, remote mounted for easy access and maintenance. Features off-board, closed-center, constant pressure type hydraulic system with easy access to pump/coupling/electric motor and other components.
  • Reservoir system provides approximately 3:1 oil reservoir to pump flow ratio.
  • High capacity nitrogen charged hydraulic accumulator provides quick hydraulic response for faster operation and longer pump life.
  • Main hydraulic pump mounted side by side with fluid tank for positive fluid head, faster pump response, easy accessibility and longer pump life.
  • Pump is directly mounted to TEFC electric drive motor for perfect alignment and easy service. • Motor pump assembly is cushion mounted for noise reduction.
  • The hydraulic fluid is either cooled or heated while being constantly cleaned, even with manipulator shut down. Fluid temperature control ensures consistent viscosity, resulting in smooth operation and peak performance. This temperature-controlled “kidney loop” enables the manipulator to be idle for any period of time and re-started in optimum operating condition.
  • Five (5) levels of filtration o All system refill fluid is pressure pumped through a 5-micron filter that is installed on the hydraulic power unit. The hydraulic unit reservoir never needs to be opened to atmosphere to add new oil, thus insuring a clean transfer.
      – Main system pressure fluid flows through a non-bypassing 5-micron filter. Main pressure filter outlet is hard plumbed directly to the valve manifold to eliminate any chance of contamination due to a cut hose or internal hose break down.
      – Main system return fluid flows through a 10-micron filter.
      – Reservoir fluid is constantly circulated through a 5-micron filter with separate motor and pump assembly system.
      – Reservoir air chamber filtered through a 10-micron air filter cartridge
  • 2000 KG (4,400 lb) capacity with standard attachment
  • Motion Controller designed for control of hydraulic system
  • 100 HP (75 kW) power unit standard
  • Several boom configurations depending on the application
  • Different jaw configurations and openings
  • Yaw
  • 90° Pitch (60° standard)
  • 250° Roll
  • Offset heads for limited space requirements
  • Specially designed Investment Casting continuous rotating tooling
  • Base Extensions
  • Centralized Lubrication
  • Automatic Lubrication

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