Rainfall Sander

Rainfall sander is designed to fit your investment casting system and facility needs.

The rainfall rate is designed for 1/4 in of sand per second to pass through the rain fall area. The unit is supplied with a complete control panel with a programmable controller to effect the proper operation.

  • Available in standard diameter sizes of 48 in (1200 mm), 60 in (1,500 mm), or 72 in (1800 mm) with rainfall working envelope sized according to shell length
  • The units are constructed of mild steel with an eggshell white enamel finish with blue trim
  • The unit is equipped with a steel bucket rubber belt mounted bucket elevator, which carries the sand from the lower cone shaped catch basin to the upper sand storage bin. The bucket elevator is provided with a rear sand loading hopper
  • The sand enters the bucket elevator boot form an adjustable slot gate in the bottom of the cone shaped catch basin after passing through a vibratory sand distributor and “Snurd” operator
  • The sand is accumulated between a low and high level probe in the upper sand storage hopper
  • The sand is then charged via an adjustable sand gate mounted to the bottom of the steel sand distribution screen
  • Dust collection takeoffs for owner’s blast gate connection to dust collection system