Metal Removal Robots

Vulcan’s integration and unique solutions using robots in metal removal applications provides the user with highly efficient cells. In many applications one man can monitor and operate several cells. Robotic solutions provide the user with consistent results, consistent throughput, and provides a safe and environmentally friendly work area.

Not only can Vulcan Engineering Co. provide you with complete systems and equipment to meet your foundry needs, but we can automate common tasks such as mold handling, mold pouring, casting finishing and casting inspection. By automating common tasks and systems within your foundry, several benefits can be achieved. Automation can improve production and casting output. Robots can perform hazardous tasks such as pouring and degating, therefore removing personnel from these tasks. An automated system can also help reduce errors and provide feedback about the errors if they do occur.

Semi-automation offers the benefit of reducing the number of personnel required to perform a task. Through the use of a semi-automatic riser removal device, multiple personnel can be reduced to a minimal, while maintaining production.

VTS™ – Vulcan Tactile System Action® Robotic Cells Foxall® Casting Finishing Cells
VTS - Vulcan Tactile System Action® Robotic Cells Foxall Casting Finishing Cells