Action® Robotic Finishing Cells

Our experience and expertise in providing robotic solutions for casting cut-off and finishing enables the Action® Automated Custom Finishing Cells to provide fast, reliable, consistent product finishing. To optimize the gate removal process there are several things that should be considered and we at Vulcan can help you customize the right Automated Finishing Cell for your system.

  • Repeatability
  • Accuracy
  • Flexibility
  • Rapid Material Removal Rates
  • Minimal Waste
  • Small or Large Runs
  • Quick-change Part Fixtures
  • Fixtures Recognition
  • Maximized Media Usage
  • Reduced Work in Progress
  • Two-position rotary turntable

Peripheral Equipment

  • Programmable compliant cut-off saw
  • Programmable compliant belt grinder
  • Wheel Measurement System

Optional Tool Change
Automatic tool change enables the robot to change tools as required to utilize grinding wheels, burrs and cut-off wheels to complete a process. The ability of this system to complete many processes in one operation removes multiple handling of a product reducing labor costs and work in process inventories. This is very important when running a “just in time” operation and maintaining lower stock levels.

Offline Programming
Digitizer with Tru-Teach™ Software.
Off line programming using 3D models.

Quick adjustment of grinding paths on HMI screen.

Additional Options & Equipment
In order to provide fast, reliable, and consistent product finishing, Vulcan can work with you to add additional equipment and options to create a truly customized robotic finishing system.

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